The Concept

ValQuest Ads has designed a business plan with an income opportunity that will create a positive financial
impact on hundreds of thousands of distributors and customers. The business plan will be introduced in several
phases. The first-phase is needed to sponsor the participating businesses and to enroll the base membership.
ValQuest Ads will contact merchant businesses and offer them free advertising in our Zero-Cost Advertising
Program. Simultaneously, we will begin to recruit the new members.

The sale of vouchers will provide the funding needed for a client’s zero-cost advertising campaigns. The
purchase price of the voucher is to insure that the redemption of the voucher occurs. The success of the
advertising campaign will be determined by the number of vouchers redeemed. After the redeemed vouchers
have been collected and counted, the sales volume will be calculated and commissions paid.
The purpose for the members and distributors is to advertise and broadcast relevant information about our
participating businesses to potential customers. The previously enrolled distributors may begin to recruit other
distributors thereby increasing the overall business volume.

During the second-phase commission payments to distributors will be based upon the success of the advertising
campaign. During the third-phase distributors will be compensated for the business volume produced by other
distributors. A pre-view of that third-phase compensation plan will be available during training seminars.

Businesses typically offer a discount on the products and services they advertise to the general public. Instead of
paying us for the advertising campaign’s distribution costs, we ask the merchant to give a discount percentage
directly to each customer we send them. The participating merchants will be able to recognize our customers
that we send them because the customers will present an identifier during the checkout process. ValQuest Ads
have named the identifier and voucher the ValQuest Value Certificate.

The merchant will be paid by the customer an agreed upon percentage of the total amount due with Value
Certificates during the checkout process. The percentage amount will be established within the Merchants
Advertising Agreement.

The Zero-Cost Advertising Program is projected to be 95% successful in bringing new customers to a business.
The reason Z-CAP will have such a high response rate is because the customers pay for the Value Certificates
and therefore will want to redeem them. Also our program compensates the participating distributors for the
advertising and shopping at the participating businesses.

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