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Our customers want your services. Their interest covers the cost of advertising!

Our business is to connect our customers to your business!

The following information will briefly explain how this program can benefit your business and save you money.

Competitive businesses each spend billions of dollars every year shouting-out to potential customers. One way they advertise is to print and distribute various types of discount coupons and vouchers. According to NCH Marketing Services, firms sent 305 billion coupons into circulation in the U.S. last year, of which 302 billion were wasted advertising opportunities. As you may know, the average return for all the dollars spent on coupons is typically low, which means that most of the money spent on printing and distribution is wasted.

Your advertising cost is often counteracted by your competition honoring the ad price on an advertised item. This means you are paying for part of your competitor’s advertising expenses! The lowest price, and we honor our competition’s ad prices, game is over. The edge you need is contained in our contract. Since your competition does not have an advertising contract with ValQuest Ads, our members simply won’t shop there.

There are at least two major cost factors to consider when advertising with coupons. One factor is contained in the printing and distribution activity. The second factor is incorporated within the cost of the coupon discount as they are redeemed. ValQuest will pay the first cost factor of the advertising campaign and we will provide the new customer base. Your part is to provide a discount percentage amount given to the new customers we send you.

There is a unique system of advertising that is designed to invert the above-mentioned percentages, and to reduce your cost to zero for the printing and distribution activity. Our members have agreed to financially support your company’s advertising campaign cost, and to recommend and endorse your business. In exchange, we ask that an equitable yet modest discount on your products and/or services be given to the customers we send you.

The ValQuest Zero-Cost Advertising Program will provide a higher return percentage than the conventional method while increasing and retaining your new customer base. It will save money on advertising and increase the number of customers visiting your store. It will take customers from your competitor’s business and permanently bring them to your business!

The customers that ValQuest refers to your business will redeem Value Certificates. Value Certificates function to identify the customer as a participant in the advertising campaign and as being entitled to the discount. They are currently available in a variety of denominations and are representative of the customer’s contributions for the advertising campaign. They are printed on dollar-bill sized security paper that will contain serial numbers.

The amount of the Value Certificates accepted by a company will be an agreed upon percentage of the total transaction, less any exclusions. This is nothing new; most businesses are already offering discounts to their customers with their weekly coupon ads. The difference with us is that our members and customers will have a vested interested in redeeming coupons at your store, which translates to customer loyalty and retention for you.

In exchange for the free advertising campaigns, merchants will contractually agree to collect the discount percentage in Value Certificates from the customers we send them and return them to ValQuest Ads. The merchants will be able to identify our customers because they will present the Value Certificates to the business during the checkout process. The merchants will collect the Value Certificates from the customer in the amount of the discounted percentage they agreed to in the Merchant’s Advertising Agreement.


There is an option available to the Merchant’s Advertising Agreement that may earn an income for executive members of your business. This income could easily equal or exceed the discounts offered by your company to the customers we send you. This may translate to a true Zero-Cost Advertising Program for your company.

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