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ValQuest Ads Inc. is a person-to-person advertising company. We ask our membership to advertise and broadcast relevant information about our participating business clients to potential customers. We offer our merchant clients a way to advertise with us for free. In its simplest form, this means they don’t pay us, and we don’t pay them! We call the free method of advertising the Zero-Cost Advertising Program (Z-CAP). ValQuest Ads contacts businesses to accept part of the payment due from customers in a type of voucher named the ValQuest Value Certificate.

A business typically offers a discount on the products and services they advertise to the general public. We are asking the merchant for this discount on their products and services for the customers we send them. The business will be able to identify our customers because they will present the Value Certificates to the business during the checkout process. The merchants will collect the Value Certificates from the customer for the amount of the discounted percentage they agreed to in the Merchant’s Advertising Agreement. In exchange for the Zero-Cost Advertising Program campaigns, merchants will contractually agree to give our customers a discount and collect the discount percentage in Value Certificates from the customers we send them.

ValQuest Ads can help grow a business utilizing the Zero-Cost Advertising Program. The reason businesses advertise is to bring in additional customers that will help increase the bottom line. In the competitors advertising methods, most of the money spent on advertising is wasted because of non-response. ValQuest Ads methods should increase the response rate to the high double-digit percentage numbers. The actual cost to the merchant’s business is the product discount percentage given directly to the customers we send to a participating business.

ValQuest Ads is offering your company Zero-Cost Advertising in exchange for giving our customers a discount on your products and/or services. The larger the discount, the more customers it will attract. The fundamental reason this process works is because, in addition to you company’s product discount; ValQuest Ads pays our members to shop at your store!

We have put together a new advertising company that will offer our Zero-Cost Advertising Program to various business categories. The selected businesses will have their advertising campaigns funded by our participating members. The ValQuest Ads Advertising System was created to give our clients additional cost cutting options to financially support their advertising needs.

Competitive businesses each spend billions of dollars every year shouting-out to potential customers. One way they advertise is to print and distribute various types of discount coupons. And as you may know, the average return for all the dollars spent is typically less than 1%. This means that 99% of the money spent on coupon printing and distribution is wasted. There are at least two major cost factors to consider when advertising with coupons. One factor is contained in the printing and distribution activity. The second factor is incorporated within the cost of the coupon discount as they are redeemed.

There is a unique system that will reverse the above-mentioned percentages and reduce your cost to zero for the printing and distribution activity, which is where the major expense exists. Our members have agreed to support your company’s printing and distribution activity by funding that cost in exchange for a modest discount for our participants on your products and/or services.

We will pay the printing and distribution cost of the advertising campaign and we will provide the new customers. Your part is to provide the discount percentage amount given to those new customers. The ValQuest Ads Advertising System will increase the response rate to a higher number than the conventional method while increasing and retaining your new customers. It will take customers from your competitor’s business and bring them to your business!

The discount percentage given by a participating company will be paid with ValQuest Value Certificates by the customers we send your company. The ValQuest Value Certificates identify the customer as being entitled to the discount. They are currently available in a variety of denominations. They are printed on security paper that contains serial numbers and tracking information. The amount of the ValQuest Value Certificates accepted by your company will be an agreed upon percentage of the total transaction, less any of your chosen exclusions.

ValQuest will offer its Zero-Cost Advertising Program to several business categories. The categories include grocery stores, restaurants, and fast-food establishments. I would like to offer your company our Zero-Cost Advertising Program contract within your category and service area. Initially all I need from you is the product discount percentage amount you will offer. The product discount percentage amount gives us a starting point for final negotiations and an indication of your desire to advertise using our system.



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